Anti-Racism/Anti-Black Racism Resources

Anti-Racism and Anti-Black Racism Resources for Lifelong Learning and Action

This webpage was created to provide the university community with access to a variety of resources related to Anti-Racism and Anti-Black Racism. The inclusion of any particular resource is not an endorsement, nor is it reflective of the opinions or views of the university. We welcome suggestions and recommendations for resources or for possible presenters/workshops.  An email link has been provided at the bottom of the page for such contributions.  You are invited to engage with the materials as part of a commitment to education, collaboration, and action.

Links to resources


OHREA facilitates in-person workshops for faculty, staff, and students on a variety of topics such as accessibility, cultural competency, implicit bias, homophobia, the politics of language, fair hiring practices, racism, sexual harassment, and many more. The office also provides some on-line training options, and assists in engaging external presenters. Both internal and external presenters are possibly available through OHREA.


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