The ADHDe Project

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Welcome to the official webpage of The ADHDe Project!

Who We Are

The ADHDe Project is a student-led initiative that was implemented at the University of Windsor during the fall of 2022. This project aimed to promote inclusion and respect for university students who identify as neurodiverse.

Funded by the Government of Ontario’s EnAbling Change Program, and in partnership with the Learning Disability Association of Windsor Essex (LDAWE), The ADHDe Project hosted a series of social media campaigns, workshops, and seminars from September 2022-December 2022.

The ADHDe Project Press Book

The ADHDe Project press book was designed to bundle the contents of the entire project in one location as an open resource. This means that anyone in any institution, organization, or sector can use the resources created to use for their own community. With an open license, the materials can be used as is or re-branded and/or modified without needing to seek permission. This content is completely free.

Through our press book you will have free access to:

  • Promotional material that was used for the project
  • An ADHD awareness social media campaign
  • Workshop materials developed for students, staff, faculty, and community
  • Key terms and definitions related to ADHD and neurodiversity
  • And more!


The ADHDe Project Resource Guide is a digital guide that provides students, staff, faculty, and community members with accessible information about ADHD and neurodiversity. In this guide, there is a selection of websites, PDFs, and articles that have been published by a variety of local and national organizations. Please follow this link to see The ADHDe Project Resource Guide.

Please note that this guide will be updated regularly with new resources. If you have the link to a new resource that is not currently in the guide, please feel free to send it to us via email at


If you are a current or prospective student at the University of Windsor who has been diagnosed with ADHD and would like to access support, please refer to the following resources:

The ADHDe Project Video Series for High School Students:

Staff and Faculty

If you are interested in integrating the resources created by The ADHDe Project into your classroom, please refer to the official ADHDe Project press book. In the press book you can access educational resources such as the ADHDe Project Mini Presentation, which provides a brief and comprehensive overview of ADHD.

Project Highlights

  • Over 400 people attended an ADHDe Project workshop from Sept. 2022-December 2022.
  • The social media awareness campaign reached nearly 80,000 people.
  • 99% of workshop participants indicated that they would implement at least 2 learnings to improve accessibility in their organization within 6 – 12 months!

What participants had to say about the project…

“Amazing workshop! I felt like sharing personal stories from the speaker and listeners allowed everyone to get different perspectives of ADHD.”

“Thank you for providing us with a well-executed and organized education on a very important topic, especially for a student like me who is going to be in a teaching field. Thank you for taking the time to organize this workshop and passing on the knowledge. Thank you.”

The ADHDe Project in the News

Campaign to destigmatize neurodiversity wins provincial support

Student wins recognition for proposal to promote awareness of disability

The ADHDe Project Partners

  • The ADHDe Project Advisory Committee
  • The Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor-Essex
  • UWindsor Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility (OHREA)
  • UWindsor Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • UWindsor Office of Open Learning
  • UWindsor Student Accessibility Services
  • With support provided by the Government of Ontario, EnAbling Change Program