uGROW @ UWindsor Employee Leadership Awareness Campaign

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The “uGrow @ UWindsor” employee leadership awareness campaign encourages University employees who self-identify as members of designated groups to enhance their skills and aspirations to pursue and assume leadership positions.

It’s important to note that Leadership positions may come in many different forms at the University. Here are some examples of what leadership positions may look like at the University:

  • Team Leads (for example, CUPE 1393)
  • Supervisory Roles
  • Managerial Roles
  • Administrative Leadership Roles
  • Chair, Co-Chair or Vice-Chair various on-campus University committees/subcommittees

This webpage provides the following:

  • Resources, information, and storytelling 
  • Highlighting benefits of enhancing skills and aspiring to leadership positions
  • Training, professional development, tools, and funding opportunities
  • Tips on succession planning and finding a mentor

Relevant Links to resources, information, articles, tools, training, funding, succession planning, mentorship:

Resources, Information, Articles

Enhance Interviewee and Interviewer Skills

Best Practices/Helpful Tools

Training (Internal/External)

Funding Opportunities

Succession Planning


UWindsor Employment Opportunities

Additional Information

Please see the following links to view the University’s internal Employment Equity Data Profiles to see past and current representation, underrepresentation, and significant underrepresentation of the federally designated groups. This data includes Employment Equity Occupational Groups (EEOGs) of Senior Managers, Middle and Other Managers and Supervisors groups. It also includes Academic Units and Staff Groups.

The employee leadership awareness campaign uses the “STEP” process, where STEP is an acronym for Search, Training, Empower and Progress. Click on the following documents to learn more about the “STEP” process to help you navigate “uGrow @ UWindsor”.

Flyer 1 – Individual Program

Flyer 2 – Team Program

Flyer 3 - STEP Leadership Wheel

Video 1 (coming soon)


Note that this webpage is not endorsing any particular resource or information, but to share what may be of interest to you.

This webpage will be updated regularly and evolve as information may change.


Suggestions and recommendations to add any resources, information, articles, tools, training, etc. related to this employee leadership awareness campaign are welcomed.

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