Accessibility Coordinating Committee (ACC)

The purpose of the Accessibility Coordinating Committee (ACC) is to ensure a coherent, coordinated approach to accessibility throughout the University community. The ACC will review, coordinate and priotirize the activities of the five accessibility standards committees, these committees being:

  • Accessible Built Environment
  • Accessible Customer Service
  • Accessible Education, Training and Awareness
  • Accessible Employment, and
  • Accessible Information and Communication

ACC provides the President's Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (PCDI) with input and recomendations for the University's compliance with the Ontarians with Disabilites Act, 2001 (ODA), and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act, 2005 (AODA) and Regulations. The Committee willl work to meet, and where possible, surpass the requirements of the legislation in order to identify and remove barriers for persons with disabilities and attain the goal of the fully-inclusive University.

Terms of Reference

2017-2018 Meeting Schedule: TBD