Self-Identification Survey

Information about the Survey

The Self-Identification Survey will be used for the purpose of developing and delivering initiatives to promote fairness and equity at the University of Windsor and in accordance with the Federal Contractors Program.

To take the survey, please follow this link to the Self-Identification Survey.

Responding to the Survey

Responding to the survey questions is voluntary; however, the submisson of the self-identification survey is required. Should you not wish to answer the questions at this time, please indicate this in option #8.


All census information will remain strictly confidential. The information collected in this survey under the authority of the Employment Equity Act, 1995, 9(1)(a) is confidential, but not anonymous. The information collected will not be used or disclosed except in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, 1995 under the Act 9 (3).

Membership in Designated Groups

The definitions and terminology used regarding the four (4) designated groups are in accordance with the Federal Contractors Program and Employment Equity Act. Please note that a person may be a member of more than one designated group.

The four (4) federally designated groups are:

  • Indigenous/Aboriginal* peoples
  • Persons with Disabilites
  • Racialized People/Visible Minorities
  • Women

The University of Windsor includes Sexual/Gender Minorities as a fifth designated group.

Please see the Government of Canada webpage on Employment Equity for more information.

*Unless the context requires the use of the term Aboriginal peoples as it appears in the Employment Equity Act or as part of a proper name, the Labour Program uses the term Indigenous people.