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Information Included

What information was included in the way-finding audits of buildings on campus?

Over the course of 2022-23, students working with the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility (OHREA) updated accessibility way-finding audits of all buildings on campus. The purpose of these audits is to provide members of the community with information about the accessible features of the buildings on campus, in order to help everyone better plan their routes. Information contained in the building reviews may include the following:

  • Locations of main and accessible entrances.
  • Locations of accessible and universal washrooms.
  • Location of bike racks.
  • Location of water fountains.
  • Location of elevators.
  • Location of building directory.
  • Building amenities.

We hope you find this information helpful when planning your trip to campus.

If any information is missing or needs updating, please contact OHREA at

Campus Buildings

Please see the links below, outlining each building on campus in alphabetical order:

Campus Map

CampusGo is an interactive map that can be accessed through your smartphone or desktop web browser, offering accurate and convenient indoor and outdoor wayfinding of the UWindsor campus.