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The Diversity & Equity Assessment & Planning (DEAP) Tool was developed by the Equity Office at Queen’s University.  

The DEAP Tool helps assist University units to better understand their unit’s environment and climate relating to equity, diversity and inclusion, and to plan ways to meet the equity goals of the Academic Plan.

The DEAP Tool is a key component of advancing equity, diversity and inclusion by way of establishing and monitoring unit-specific starting points, goals, and timetables.

To access the DEAP Tool please visit this link

(Note: Only authorized administrators have access to log on to the DEAP Tool. If you are an authorized administrator who cannot log on to the DEAP Tool, please email with the subject "DEAP Tool")

Resource links:

DEAP User Guide - Academic Units

DEAP Tool User Guide – Administrative Units 

DEAP 2.1 - New Features

DEAP Tool Demos from Queen's University