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Ashlyne O'Neil, Learning Specialist, Supplemental Instruction and Scholarship of Online Teaching and Learning

Ashlyne O’Neil (she/they) is a Learning Specialist in the Office of Open Learning, where they have worked in various capacities since early 2017.

Ashlyne uses principles of equity, inclusion, critical pedagogy, and openness to support the development of open educational resources (OERs); educate about open education, digital learning, and humanizing higher education; support the scholarship of open and online teaching and learning; and collaborate with instructors on intentional course design. They love teaching and collaborating with faculty, staff, and students as they work toward more equitable and inclusive experiences for all. 

Ashlyne also manages the University of Windsor's Peer-Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS) program which strategically supports students enrolled in historically difficult 'gateway' courses, and was Canada's first 'Supplemental Instruction' initiative to offer online sessions and to support a graduate course. They hire students who have previously succeeded in the target course, training and mentoring them as facilitators of collaborative learning sessions. PALS pairs what to learn with how to learn it, emphasizing the development of positive learning strategies that lead to greater success. If you are interested in how PALS can help you and your students, reach out on MS Teams or book time using the link above. 

Ashlyne's personal research interests include the measurement of and discourses around student success, and how these ideas intersect with individual characteristics such as emotional intelligence, and social variables such as disciplinary cultures, course design, instructor pedagogy, and institutional student supports.

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