Virtual Classroom

Take your class online with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Accessible through Blackboard, open and free to use, this virtual classroom option available on the University of Windsor campus is fully supported and easy to use.

four people displaying videos within the Collaborate interface

Virtual classrooms are becoming commonplace in higher education. They are used to enhance traditional face to face classes, as well as enabling hybrid and distance education courses. More and more, virtual classrooms such as Blackboard Collaborate Ultra are being used to facilitate online collaboration between students, and between students and instructors. They are also used for online office hours, online tutorials or real time classes, research or group collaborations, online meetings, and a host of other possibilities. Virtual classrooms have a whiteboard space where students and instructors can interact to share ideas and work on problems collaboratively, as well as video and audio capabilities for real-time communication, text chat, polling functions, presentation functions, and desktop/application sharing.

Just getting started?

1.    Accessing Collaborate (1m 35s) This video demonstrates how to add Collaborate to your course site, how to access the room, and how to view any recordings you make.


2.    Getting set-up in the room (2m 53s) This video shows how to ensure your audio and video will work properly within the Collaborate room.  It also demonstrates how to record a session if you wish to do so.


3.    Basics of running a session (4m 17s) This video will show you how to chat with your students and monitor their status in the participation panel.  It also shows how to pull up a whiteboard or share your screen.


If you are looking to expand your classroom space online, contact Mark Lubrick at, or come see the Open Learning Team in the basement of Lambton Tower, G102.