Online SETs

All courses at UWindsor are evaluated each term using a standardised Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) instrument. For on campus classes, this is done on paper in the last two weeks of term. For online courses the SET is completed online through UWinsite Student. During the last two weeks of the regular term (i.e. before exams start), the SET should automatically become available for any online course. Instructors cannot see the SET instrument in UWinsite Student.

Instructors should remind their students of the importance of the SET in the course refinement process, where to find it, and who to contact if they have any issues. This ask.UWindsor article outlines for students how to access and complete an online SET. Instructors are encouraged to share it with their students.

Example email to students:

Dear students, 

All UWindsor courses are evaluated by students using the SET. This is a very important part of the course development process and helps us to refine the course and your learning each year. For online courses, this is facilitated through an online form.

You can access and complete the online SET for this course in UWinsite Student. For complete instructions on how to do so, please see this ask.UWindsor article.

Instructors are not able to see the SET in UWinsite Student (unless they are taking an online course), but students should be able to.  If the online SET is not available, please speak with one of our Departments’ administrative support staff members. They will contact the Registrar’s Office if necessary