Virtual Classroom & Webconferencing

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an institutionally supported web-conferencing & collaboration tool in O365. OOL will be hosting regular workshops for Microsoft Teams on our workshop page or you can reach out to us directly.

Teams brings everything together into one interface that is available as a desktop program, mobile device app, or online in your Internet browser. You can manage and be a memebr of multiple “teams”, allowing you to separate different groups or projects based on who is involved or needs access. A “team” can be divided into subtopics or subprojects using “channels.” For example, you might have a team for your entire department, with separate channels for social events, official announcements, department-wide projects, etc. These can be viewed by anyone in your team, allowing you to keep things organized. Every channel has its own group messaging thread (all communications are instantly on screen), a shared file storage space, and the ability to add various other Office 365 applications directly to the channel. For example, every channel can have a Planner plan built into it to track tasks in different projects. Ultimately, Teams is designed to give you a platform for getting everything done in one place: communication, editing and collaborating on files, sharing information and updates, and more.  

Our office can support your use, provide handy tutorials, and offer training/support.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is being replaced by Microsoft Teams as of April 30th, 2023. If you are currently using BB Collaborate, you might be interested in one of our workshops on Microsoft Teams, which will be the institutionally supported collaboration platform. 

As of February 2023, Blackboard Collaborate recordings are being migrated to YuJa, and the Collaborate recordings will be deleted.  Please see the Collaborate to YuJa article (link opens new window) for more details on the migration.