Online and Open Textbooks

What exactly do we mean by Open Textbooks?

BCcampus defines open textbooks as a subset of open educational resources (OER) and reside in the public domain — where copyrights have been waived by the copyright holder or copyright has expired — or have been released by the copyright holder under an open-copyright licence. The B.C. Open Textbook Collection, Canada’s first major repository of these OER, is available for all to use.
Open textbooks are available digitally, accessed online or through shareable formats, to be freely used by anyone: students, instructors, librarians, and members of the public. In general, they can be modified, printed, shared, retained, remixed, and reused. If the work has been released with a Creative Commons – or other open-copyright – licence, the user must adhere to that licence’s legal requirements.


Here are a few Open Texbooks curated by our team for your inspiration:

1) Pension Finance and Management

2) Leadership and Management in Learning Organizations

3) 12 Key Ideas: An Introduction to Teaching Online