Join the Winter Digital Course Design team!

Digital Course Design Team

The sudden shift to online teaching and learning has opened up many new possibilities for re-examining, and rethinking pedagogy. The Internet provides a vast, connected digital learning environment and we want to help you and your students explore it!

We are inviting a small number of instructors to join us in intensively re-envisioning their courses as digital-first learning opportunities. The aim is to design courses, not so that you can replicate what you would normally do in the classroom, but rather to take full advantage of the learning possibilities of the Internet to create an excellent learning and teaching experience.

What you can expect from us

  • We will help you think about how to do excellent teaching online
  • We will help you reimagine your course as a digital learning experience that leverages all the power of the internet
  • We will help re-envision your assessment model
  • Our staff and CoOp students will scour the internet for resources to support your course
  • If needed, we will provide access to video/resource creating support
  • We will provide support, as needed, when you teach the course
  • Any other training that is within our capacity

What we expect of you

  • A willingness to think of new ways of teaching
  • Meeting at least once every two weeks
  • Post your syllabus online as an exemplar for others

How can I get involved?

Passionate, inquisitive instructors who want to take their online teaching to the next level are invited to submit the brief application here. There is limited capacity for this intensive support, so the program is competitive and not all applications may be able to be supported in the current round. Applications for this round close 23 October, 2020.