Implications of ChatGPT and AI for Teaching and Learning

The release of the latest generation of generative artificial intelligence tools, including ChatGPT, has sparked a global conversation about how these technologies are likely to impact teaching and learning and our relationship to knowledge generation. These technologies present both challenges to the current models of education, particularly traditional assessment practices, and significant potential for new ways of learning, creating, and engaging with knowledge.

This page and the linked resources have been created to help instructors and students understand the capabilities, limitations, challenges, and potential of generative artificial intelligence technology in education. This page is being updated frequently, as the technology is changing literally by the day. 

The most current information and advice can be found in the following living document: AI and Teaching at UWindsor - FAQ


Upcoming workshops and events about this topic can be found on our workshop page. OOL is also offering drop-in sessions on Tuesday mornings at 11am in CEI1232 for faculty and students who wish to discuss AI in education.


If you have questions about ChatGPT and other AI assistive technologies, or would like to share an idea you have for how these can be used in your teaching, please take a moment to drop your ideas and questions in the form below:

ChatGPT and AI Experiences at UWindsor



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ChatGPT UWindsor Senate Information Session, Feb 3 2023