Welcome Week Thank You Message

Welcome Week

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our students, faculty leaders, and staff for participating in the 2023 Welcome Week: Battle of the Faculties! 

What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is a period before the start of classes, that offers a number of events both social and academic designed to integrate incoming undergraduate students into campus life. Events offer students an opportunity to make friends with other students in their program, connect with resources available on campus, become acquainted with physical campus and where their classes are located, meet upper year students in their program, get to know Faculty members in their program and become connected with the University community as a whole.

Each incoming undergraduate student that registers for welcome week will be assigned to a team within their Faculty and will be connected with other upper year students (Faculty Leaders) in their faculty. Faculty Leaders will connect and offer support to students on their team as they prepare for the September start of classes. Once Welcome Week begins, each Faculty Team will be compete through Welcome Week in various events offered for the coveted UWindsor Shield. The winning team will be announced at the Welcoming Celebration on the Wednesday of Welcome Week, just before the start of classes. 

Check back soon for more updates!

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