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Outstanding Scholars Travel Fund

The Outstanding Scholars Student Travel Fund has been established to provide support for student travel to academic conferences for the purpose of presenting a paper, poster, or demonstration, or to conduct other research-related activities.

Please note: even in the time of the pandemic, this fund may be used to support conference participation. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • The funds provided are intended to support research-related activities off campus
  • Learning outcomes, benefits to individual students, and the campus community must be clearly articulated in the proposal
  • Students must apply for support as individuals
  • Applications for sponsorship must include a complete budget
  • Other sources of funding must be identified
  • Please also attach a letter from your sponsoring faculty member, stating the amount of financial support available from department, school, or external funds.
  • Approval funding will only be released upon submission of the required receipts or invoices
  • Applications should be submitted to the Coordinator of the Outstanding Scholars program at least three weeks prior to any travel
  • To ensure an equitable review of requests, proposals will be considered on the following basis during the review
    • The number of students and others benefiting or participating in the activity
    • The value to the student, the campus community and the local community
    • The ability of individuals or groups to share their research findings and presentation experience with the larger campus community
  • Students who are awarded support must submit receipts/invoices within no more than three weeks after the event, to the Outstanding Scholars office, or your offer of support will be revoked.


Please note that original receipts must be submitted with your application, including boarding passes if possible.

Funding Levels

  • Requests for support will be considered to a maximum of $300
  • Funding will cover one-third of the costs of the conference presentation. The student is expected to provide one-third, and the student’s department or faculty supervisor should provide one-third


  • All conference presentations must be related to your Outstanding Scholars research work
  • Funds can only be accessed one time per year per individual
  • Activities must meet University of Windsor Policy and Procedures criteria (e.g. Risk Management, Human Rights)


Students wishing to apply for support should complete the Application Form (PDF format), obtain the supporting faculty member's signature, and submit the form to the Outstanding Scholars office.