Corridor View

The UWill Discover Student Research Collaboratory@Leddy (UDSRC@Leddy) will provide the University of Windsor’s most inquisitive minds with state-of-the-art dynamic space to share their findings and develop collaborative relationships with partners from across campus and globally. This innovative digital space will serve not only as a virtual window to the world, but also as a physical community encouraging collaborative communities of inquiry and knowledge creation.

A series of small group project rooms, available during the library’s operating hours, will be combined with an area in front of the digital wall for student group presentations to peers and professors. Incorporating multipoint teleconference capabilities, the presentation area will extend the use of the existing digital wall for student-led collaboration around the world. Additionally, a larger group conference room in the centre of the space will be created with glass walls, whiteboards and projection.

In addition to providing students with ample physical resources, support staff will be available within UDSRC@Leddy during core hours to provide guidance. When expertise is required regarding appropriate methodological approaches for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research, a technical computing consultant or research librarian will be ready to assist.

The UDSRC@Leddy will provide undergraduate researchers with a campus space to call home and provide critical technology and facilities to host programming tailored to their interests and ultimately to share their work with others.

A unique opportunity

Solving today’s challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach. No longer can great ideas and challenges be left to the silo of a single faculty or discipline.

A single person can be the tipping point for the development of a life-saving medicine, the composition of an inspiring symphony, or the removal of barriers to justice. With your support, UDSRC@Leddy will provide our brightest young minds with essential space to solve complex problems and bring their ideations to reality.

Through the generous contribution of our lead donor, every $2 raised will be matched with an additional $1 of support.

We invite you to join us in shaping and supporting innovation and inquiry at the University of Windsor.

For more information and to join us in support of UDSRC@Leddy, please contact:

Director of Alumni and Donor Communication and Acting Director, University Campaign
519-253-3000 ext. 3226