Political Science at UWindsor

Student Mentorship Program

2019 Mentors

The Department of Political Science, in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (FAHSS), offers undergraduate students majoring in Political Science and International Relations an exciting chance to serve as mentors for first-year majors in the department's foundational 45-100 Introduction to Canadian Government and Politics course.

Students interested in being a mentor should contact your Professor or Department Head for more information.

What the mentors have to say

"The University experience cannot be limited to academic success alone. You get out of University exactly what you put into it – this is what I discovered in Mentorship and Learning. By forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone, I have achieved so many goals this past year. Mentorship helped me network with fellow peers in my own faculty, reach out to other departments, get to know my professors on a personal basis and make a positive difference in my own university community."

- Giovanna Roma, Class of 2012, Mentor in 2010-11

"Mentorship and Learning is so much more than just a university course. It’s about building a sense of community within Political Science and beyond. It’s also allowed me to give back to the university and the Political Science Department in a unique way. I’m building relationships and learning skills that will last me well beyond my university career."

- Michael Dodich, former mentee and Mentor in 2012-13