Political Science at UWindsor

Certificate in Public Administration

The Certificate in Public Administration is a non-degree program offered by the Department of Political Science, which recognizes a concentration of learning within the discipline. The course requirements for the Certificate program may be completed independently of a degree program. Students currently enrolled in a degree program can, through careful course selection, simultaneously complete the Certificate requirements.

Certificate Requirements

Eight courses

(a) POLS 1000, POLS 2200, POLS 2210;

(b) ECON 1100 and ECON 1110 (introductory economics courses);

(c) Three  of POLS 2000; POLS 2120; POLS 2130; POLS 2140; POLS 2320; POLS 2750; POLS 3000; POLS 3090; POLS 3140; POLS 3200; POLS 3210; POLS 3230; POLS 3260; POLS 3920; POLD 4000; POLS 4110; POLS 4210; POLS 4220; POLS 4310; POLS 4920

Learn more about course requirements (course titles and descriptions can be found on links from that page).

Inquiries about the program should be directed to the department's academic counsellor.