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Dean of Law Search

Dr Chris Waters' term as Dean of the Faculty of Law ends on June 30, 2021. In accordance with Senate Bylaw 10, the University initiated a search for the next Dean of Law. A Committee is struck to conduct this search. 
Search Committee Members:
Prof. Jeff Berryman, Associate Vice-President, Academic
Faculty members:
Dr. Beverly Jacobs
Prof. Jasminka Kalajdzic
Dr. Muharem Kianieff
Dr. Anneke Smit
Dr. Vasanthi Venkatesh
Ms. Jennifer Fahrenholt
Ms. Daniel Nishiguchi
Staff representative:
Ms. Deirdre Charron
Equity Assessor:
Dr. Fazle Baki, Odette School of Business
Committee Resource:
Ms. Iva Gentcheva, Senior Administrative Officer