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SET Task Force Members


Task force membership reflects a variety of stakeholders perspectives, while also drawing on campus expertise in: student feedback surveys, teaching evaluation, program analysis, quantitative and qualitative data use, statistical analysis, teaching improvement practice, survey development, change management, community consultation, learning technologies, diversity issues, and the institutional policy context. Individuals representing Senate oversight of SET policy are also included. The task force will draw on other campus expertise as needed to ensure a strong and informed basis for decision making. The working group will operate as a larger advisory, while a smaller working committee will undertake day-to-day work. Smaller subcommittees may be formed to take on specific tasks over the course of the project.


Alicia Higgison (Administrative Assistant, The Office of Open Learning)

Antonio Rossini (Head, Languages, Literatures and Cultures)

Ashish Mahajan (Associate Dean, Odette School of Business)

Beverley Hamilton (Academic Initiatives Officer, Office of the Provost)


Cheryl Collier (Faculty, Political Science)

David Andrews (Faculty, Kinesiology)

Dennis Jackson (Task Force Chair, Psychology)

Edwin Tam (Faculty, Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Erika Kustra (Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Hio Tong Kuan (PhD candidate, Psychology)

Jake Frank (Undergraduate student, Biology)

Jessica Raffoul (Learning Specialist, Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Jill Grant (Faculty, School of Social Work)

Laura Chittle (PhD candidate, Kinesiology)

Lorraine Grondin (Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar)

Nick Baker (Director, The Office of Open Learning)


Pierre Boulos (Learning Specialist, Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Renee Wintermute (University Secretary, University Secretariat)

Robert Arnold (Faculty, Sociology)

Selinda Berg (Associate University Librarian, Leddy Library)


Sirinart Ananvoranich (Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Susan Fox (Associate Dean, Nursing)