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Online Safety & Policy

For the most part, Social Media can be fun and engaging!

Should you, your staff, colleagues or students experience challenges on Social Media, there are people that can help. Be sure that your staff knows how to report matters when they occur.

Relevant Governmental and NGO Frameworks, Media, and Policy

Social Media (un)intended consequences

What should you report?

  • Posts that violate the law
  • UWindsor posts that have appropriated our copyright
  • Posts that may be harmful to yourself, others, or our brand (bullying, hate speech, death threats, suicidal language, etc) can be reported to the Campus Police, you can also refer to the Emergency Services website for more information.

Report an issue on a Social Media Platform

Non-Government Organizations 

NGOs offer resources about spotting fake news and ethical frameworks. These links may help SM communities construct reflective practices specific to your office.