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Images and Video

Finding Photographs and Videos

Images and video are often copyright protected.  Copying and Pasting images in your post without checking to see if the content is protected could put you and the institution in a position of liablity.  Here are a few places where you can find royalty free images and videos:

Giving Back

If you like using Royalty Free images then you should consider how you give back to the community.  To learn about sharing your pictures through the Creative Commons networks, you should explore their website. On their website you will learn about icons, copyright and find resources for licensing your materials. 

Taking images and videos for Social Media

When taking pictures it is best to obtain the consent of those you are photographing before taking the picture and before posting the picture.  You should

  • let the person know who you are
  • share your contact information
  • provide information about what images you plan to capture, why you want the images, and the location to which you will post the images.
  • You should allow them to preview pictures whenever possible.

​For the purpose of Social Media, a verbal consent is generally ok, however, if you would like a more formal arrangement you can have them fill out a Model Release Form.

If you are running an event, you should let participants choose whether or not they are willing to have their photos taken during the event.  If not, you can identify those people to your event photography and the Social Media Coordinator to ensure that their image is not captured or posted.

Editing Software 

You may be interested in some editing apps for photography and end user design.  Here are a few that may be helful to you:

Other Tips