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UWindsor SM Takeovers

Thank you for you interest in doing a Snapchat or Instagram Takeover!

To be eligible for a takeover of the UWindsor Snapchat or Instagram accounts, you must connect with the Social Media Coordinator and request a specific day and time along with an email from a faculty or staff member who can endorse you as a UWindsor ambassador.

When capturing your activities on Snapchat and Instagram, remember the following tips:

  1. The main UWindsor Social Media Channels represent the University of Windsor brand. 
  2. Do not share the password with any other students.
  3. Post a snap or an Instagram post the night before to advertise your takeover.
  4. Keep the email and password with you at all times in case the Social Media Coordinator logs on.
  5. Make sure students provide a verbal consent to be on the UWindsor Snapchat channel before you take the picture/video.
  6. If you are having any issues whatsoever, please connect with Tim Brunet (tbrunet@uwindsor.ca).
  7. Provide this email (tbrunet@uwindsor.ca) for anyone who needs to connect regarding social media. 
  8. Save and download all snaps immediately.  If I login and you haven’t saved your snaps, they will be lost.
  9. At the end of the day download your story /snaps and then send this to me so that it can be potentially posted on other UWindsor Social Media sites.
  10. Have fun!

Helpful Snapchat hacks: You may find the following YouTube channel “Break the Internet” helpful for learning the new features of Snapchat. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTJH6F6ClCILYFtX2saO_xA
Be sure to practise on your own account before attempting them on the UWindsor account.