Publicizing Your Event

Without guests, even the most well-planned event will fail. How do you make the most of your event promotion, especially on a tight budget?

There are many ways to promote your event across campus—some are even free.

Before Your Event

  1. Have a plan that includes a variety of media and channels
  2. Be realistic about the importance of your event
  3. Go where your audience is—there is no point advertising on Facebook if your audience doesn't use Facebook
  4. Have a hashtag and use it everywhere
  5. Make your tickets easy to buy and your event info easy to find
  6. Embrace social media

UWindsor Events

The events listing at is UWindsor's public webpage for sharing campus events. It is accessed from the university's homepage and from links in academic and administrative websites across campus.

Events on the listing are pulled automatically from department websites across campus. Contact your department website administrator to get your event listed. If you are not associated with a department website you can contact IT Services to have an event listed directly.

Remember to contact your department first.

Please use a Help Ticket for any event listing requests.

Banners, Posters and Pictures

Create web banners, printed posters and social media images that can be used to share your event. Post these in your own buildings, homepages and social media accounts—and send them to Public Affairs and Communications to be considered for the variety of media outlets they control.

The Office of Public Affairs and Communications has free graphic design services that are offered to the campus community. Please contact Lori Lewis, ext. 3241, well ahead of your event date if you wish to request graphic design assistance.

The Print Shop, ext. 3680, is another campus service offering design help as well as printing services. Note that the Print Shop is not a free service.

Social Media

Plan a series of social media content that will span the weeks leading up to your event, covering your own social media accounts. This content may also qualify for posting on the main Uwindsor social media platforms.

Consider including the following in your social media content plan:

  1. Save the date
  2. Countdown milestones (1 month, 10 days, 1 week, 1 day)
  3. Throwback content (photos, videos and favourite moments from previous similar events)
  4. Gradually reveal helpful or interesting details such as who will be speaking/performing, what the hashtag will be etc.

Even groups who do not have a social media presence can still participate in social media. Contact the Social Media Co-ordinator to learn how your messages can be shared with our networks of over 145,000 followers.

Dylan Kristy, ext. 4045
Social Media Coordinator

Public Displays

Across campus, there are digital displays (large-screen TVs) that can show messages (slides or video, no audio) to the general campus community.

More information about getting your message on the campus digital displays.

Please use a Help Ticket for any public display requests.

Daily News and University Homepage

The Daily News is the on-campus ......

The university homepage....

The contact for inclusion in both the Daily News and the university homepage is:

Kevin Johnson, ext. 3238
Web Communications Team Leader