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UWindsor Main Channel Content

Here are some preferences for sharing content on the main channel.

1) Always include an image for your post.
2) Reduce the text over an image (in particular for Instagram posts). Facebook recommends that text overlay should be less than 20% of your image. Most text can be included in the caption.
3) Vet #hashtags before sharing your event, story, idea. Hashtags are an opportunity to share conversations.
4) Have you checked with the personalities of your event/post/initiative to see if we can tag their personal accounts on UWindsor's Social Media?
5) Consider including an audience prompt for your content. This can include a poll, a question, and/or a recommendation for sharing.
6) Provide people with an opportunity to do something they have reason to value. Perhaps they can navigate to a website for further information (such as the UWindsor Daily News), a social media toolkit, a registration, an event registration, a purchase, or an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
7) Provide anyone attached to a UWindsor Social Media story with your contact information in the event that they need content removed or edited.
8) Provide post previews to key community members in your network so they can plan how they will share, comment, connect or further promote your content.
9) Provide community members with opportunities for sharing #hahstags ahead of time. You can also create engaging interactive conversations (such as a live Twitter Chat, or an Instagram Takeover).
10) The goal of UWindsor's main channels is to refer community members to your quality content for more in-depth engagement.