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Social Media & Passwords

The University of Windsor has specific password policies and key practices you need to follow to keep everyone safe and our data secure. Please review the University of Windsor's password care practices.

About Social Media Passwords

1. UWindsor-branded social media account passwords for departments, clubs, societies, and faculties should all be managed by a UWindsor email where possible (Facebook is an exception). In the case of Facebook, be sure that the administrator is an employee of the university. If you have high personnel turnover, be sure to have more than one administrator at all times.

2. All UWindsor-branded social media account administrators should be employed by the University of Windsor. Additionally, you should two administrators for each social media account. This mitigates losing access to social media accounts whenever there are changes in personnel. 

3. Keep social media passwords up-to-date (changing every 120 days if there is no MFA required). Change social media passwords whenever there are changes to personnel.