Reading Liberty at the University of Windsor

Reading Liberty is an initiative at the University of Windsor, led by Dr. Lydia Miljan, that gives students the opportunity to explore a set of readings on the intellectual underpinnings of a free society without the stress of grades or assignments. By creating a space for active discussion with other intellectually engaged individuals Reading Liberty gives students a chance to achieve unusual depth and perspective on the classical liberal tradition that could not be achieved through solitary study. Reading Liberty is open to all UWindsor students interested in expanding their knowledge of the philosophical ideas of liberty. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have meaningful discussions with other philosophically inclined participants.

Reading Group information

  • Reading Liberty is open to any interested University of Windsor student, depending on demand, it may be restricted to graduating students
  • Enrollment is limited to 20 in each semester, so please sign up only if you are able to commit to attend all sessions.
  • The format will be open discussion, but focused on the topics raised in the assigned readings. Importantly, this group is not intended to be a lecture. Ideally, the professor will do little of the discussion and only serve as a moderator..
  • There is no cost to students to participate – books and refreshments will be provided.