Class Rosters

Faculty members and sessional instructors can obtain their class rosters/lists in UWinsite Student. 

These class rosters - including Student ID, student name, grade (when input), course grade basis, course units, student's programme and plan as well as student's level of study - can be download to Excel as a CSV file. In addition, faculty members and sessional instructors can use the class rosters to email select students in the class or all students in the class.  

GA’s/TA’s will need to get their class roster from the departmental secretary.

How To Obtain A Class Roster

  • Please review this reference sheet for step-by-step instructions to find, view and print a class roster.

How to Notify Students

  • Plese review this reference sheet for step-by-step instructions to use UWinsite Student to email students in a specific class.

Student Names Not On the Class List

NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO ATTEND CLASSES UNLESS THEY ARE DULY REGISTERED. Students whose names DO NOT appear on the class list MUST contact the Office of the Registrar. NO CREDIT WILL BE GRANTED TO STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT OFFICIALLY REGISTERED. Please do not accept assignments, or allow students to write tests or examinations if they are not registered.

Announce to Students

You are not allowed to attend classes for this course unless you are officially registered, and your name appears on the current class list. Assignments will not be accepted, you will not be allowed to write tests or examinations, and credit will not be granted to any student who is not properly registered.

Please make sure your email address is correct on UWinsite Student. Important information may be emailed during the term. 

You can drop courses using UWinsite Student according to Important Dates specified in the calendar.

By Senate regulation, your Instructor must submit final grades to the Faculty Dean’s Office within 7 calendar days of the final examination. Final grades received from the Faculties are posted on the UWinsite Student by the Office of the Registrar within 24 hours. Final grades and academic status may be viewed on UWinsite Student since grade reports are not mailed.