Course Code Translator

All courses at the University of Windsor have a unique code assigned to them. Starting in the Winter 2019 semester, these codes will change.

The new course codes begin with a four-letter subject code identifying the discipline followed by the catalogue number. The first digit of the catalogue number signifies the level of study, while the last three digits have been determined by the faculty, department or program in which the course resides.

For example, the course code for Cell Biology will change from 03-55-141 to BIOL-1400.

The translator below is designed to help with this transition.

Using the Course Code Translator

You can enter a course code in the old format (e.g. 03-60-104) or in the new format (e.g. COMP-1047), and the translator will show you the course title, the old course code, and the new course code.

You can enter a course code with or without dashes, for example 03-60-104, 0360-104, 0360104, COMP-1047, or COMP1047. Old course codes require the full four-digit subject code, not the shortened two-digit code. For example 0360-104 will work, but 60-104 will not.

Course Code Breakdown

Enter Course Code
Basic Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
Old Course Number
New Course Number
SOSC 2500