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Safeguarding Your Research

Academic and industrial partnerships are crucial for the sustainability and advancement of research. Research is not only beneficial to the participants but also contributes to the development of a nation’s economy and knowledge. As such, research data and activities are an invaluable assets both for the University of Windsor and the Government of Canada. It is important to assess all aspects of the partnership for potential risks and formulate mitigating strategies to better preserve the value of research and to ensure that it can not be used against the University and/or the municipal, provincial or federal government for any economic or political ambitions.

International partnerships

International partnerships make up a considerable amount of research activities at the University of Windsor, and play an important role in Research excellence. Through conducting and contributing to research on an international level, faculty members can develop collaborations and partnerships that not only lead to enhanced research but help the University and the community prosper.

Researchers have a duty to be aware of the risks that international partnerships can pose to national security and mitigate these potential risks. The Government of Canada’s policy on research security encourages the research community to take steps to safeguard their research and has developed tools and guidelines for researchers and organizations to consider as they interact with their international partners.

For any project with a real or perceived security risk, an additional review will be required. All researchers are advised to complete the research partnership risk assessment form (below under Government of Canada resources) 


The following resources will guide researchers in assessing what potential geopolitical and economic risks may be present in sensitive research projects and how to effectively protect their research from such risks.