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Authorizing and Setting up Projects

ORIS requires supporting documentation before requesting that a grant account be set up for a project. ORIS will provide this documentation to Research Finance in order that the account can be established. You should provide as much documentation as you are able to when you submit a new ERSO file for your funding application. If documentation only becomes available after you've submitted your ERSO file (such as your Notice of Award), you can append attachments to the file using an Event form.

Note that a Notice of Award or executed research agreement is required in order to set up a research grant account. Researchers should note that all agreements must be reviewed by the Contracts Manager and signed by a representative of the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation. Individual researchers do not have the authority to bind the University.

You will also need to submit full and complete copy of your scope of work and budget (normally submitted as part of your application to the funding agency) for our records, and for use in establishing your research grant account.

If your project involves human participants, animal subjects, cannabis, controlled goods or substances, biohazards, lasers, or x-rays, clearance from the Research Ethics Board, the Animal Care Committee, and/or the Research Safety Committee is also requried. If you are not sure what certificates or clearances your project will require, please review Research Requiring Certification. For more information on how to obtain a certificate or clearance, please review our guidance.