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The UWindsor Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been established as mandated by the Government of Canada and the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP).


The UWindsor Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (herein referred to as the ‘Committee’) has been established for the purpose of carrying out the responsibilities outlined herein related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the recruitment and retention of Canada Research Chairs at the University of Windsor. 

Scope and Responsibilities

The Committee is responsible for:


  • Providing input for the development of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (the ‘Action Plan’) incorporating the components required under the CRCP; the Action Plan will guide efforts for sustaining the participation of and/or addressing the underrepresentation of individuals from the four designated groups (FDGs)—women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities—among the University’s Chair allocations. The University of Windsor recognizes a fifth designated group of ‘sexual/gender minorities’ and although there is no external comparator available at this time to identify gaps and underrepresentation, the fifth designated group will still be recognized within our processes;
  • Providing input and approving ancillary documentation as required under the CRCP related to public accountability and transparency requirements;


  • Providing input for the annual report on the progress made in meeting the University’s objectives related to equity, diversity and inclusion among the University’s Chair allocations.


The membership shall consist of individuals from each of the FDGs, chairholders, faculty, administrators and a Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) representative who are responsible for overseeing the development and approval of the Action Plan and monitoring the effectiveness of the Action Plan. The Vice-President, Research & Innovation and the Provost and VicePresident, Academic shall each hold the position of Co-Chair of the Committee.


Meetings will be held as outlined herein. Quorum shall be 50% plus one. Agendas and meeting materials will be distributed electronically one week prior to the scheduled meeting.


Meetings shall be held as required to finalize the development of the Action Plan and the ancillary documentation.


Meetings shall be held semi-annually or annually to review the objectives and measurements to assess the effectiveness of the Action Plan and to identify areas of improvement in the Action Plan.