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During the 2021-22 academic year, ERSO will in phased roll out, and researchers may submit EITHER through the ERSO Research Portal or using the ORIS Information Sheet and Checklist during this time!

The ERSO Research Portal is an effective one-stop-shop for researchers, signing authorities and reviewers, designed to streamline submission thorugh approval processes. Users can login to one common interface to check the status of a certfication application, start a new grant application, or complete review assignments - a true timesaver for users working in multiple roles. Researchers, reviewers and signing authorities can now use the online portal to perform their tasks in the application process from anywhere with an internet connection.

User guides, training opportunities, and FAQs can be accessed from the links on the right of this page. 

NOTE: The ERSO Research Portal is a Faculty system which is not intended for student researchers.

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Training dates

Want to get some training on how to use the ERSO Research Portal? Below are the dates of upcoming training webinars:

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Please note that if you do not use your UWin ID to log in to ERSO (you are an external researcher, or a staff support person signing in with a departmental email address) you will need to log in to ERSO using the External Users login.

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