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EDI Presentations

Writing effective EDI statements workshop – EDI statements are now required for tricouncil funding applications but most scientists do not know what goes into one. Additionally, scientists who are used to working with facts and figures cannot adequately write these statements without knowing what the literature says about EDI in science. Join Dr. Lisa Willis from the University of Alberta for a session which will provide researchers with the knowledge to write outstanding EDI statements, all based on the scientific literature. It includes information about the rationale for working with diverse scientific teams, the current numbers for diversity in Canadian STEM, and the controlled studies demonstrating bias in STEM. We will also discuss mechanisms for integrating good EDI principles with the daily lab environment and how to incorporate this information into effective EDI statements.


Summer 2020 Workshop Join the Office of Research and Innovation Services on July 15 at 3PM for a peer-to-peer session where we’ll discuss some of the best EDI practices happening on campus and help you shape this important part of your work. The future of EDI in research is more than just writing a statement in an application: active EDI as a central component of your work will strengthen research itself. This event will take place via Teams. You will receive a link when you register! Please direct any questions to Kate Rosser-Davies at Featured presenters from University of Windsor Dr. Niharendu Biswas, Faculty of Engineering Dr. James Gauld, Faculty of Science Dr. Lisa Porter, Faculty of Science Dr. Charlene Senn CRC, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences