Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grants

The Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grants will fund innovative research projects that focus on aspects of teaching in higher education. The ABRTL grants support teaching and learning excellence and scholarship. Grant funds will support academic units and educational leaders in implementing course and curricular reforms and innovations and faculty, and staff undertaking of scholarship on learning and teaching in their discipline as it relates to Anti-Black racism pedagogy.The Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grants are funded by the Office of the President as part of the University of Windsor's Anti-Black Racism initiatives. They are supported by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Research and Innovation Services.

Projects may include, but are not limited to,

  • Mentorship Grants: Building collaborative teams or cross-campus mentorship opportunities.
  • Teaching Grants: Creating or redesigning individual courses, resources, and pedagogical development such as course design, assessment techniques, teaching strategies, technology, or creating new active learning opportunities aimed at increasing student engagement.
  • Curriculum design: Seeking to achieve equity in education through new program design or comprehensive curriculum re-design and research and mentorship opportunities for Black students at the University of Windsor, usually over a period of two to three years.
    • Examples of types of funding requests might include research assistant, project coordinator, external facilitator, external expertise, internal expertise stipend or development of resources.

Download an application

Applicants are invited to submit well-defined proposals that will demonstrably enhance teaching and learning. Award winners will be expected to share their outcomes with the university community and are expected to submit a final report of their activities to the CTL.

The Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grant will award up to $5000 for teaching and mentorship grants, and up to $10000 for teams working on curriculum design. Grant duration will be up to 24 months in total, with a start date no sooner than July 1, 2021.

Eligibile Applicants

  • The lead applicant must be a full-time Faculty member, Librarian, or Ancillary Academic Staff who holds a Tenured/Continuing appointment, a Tenure-track/Continuing appointment, or a Limited Term appointment. The term of appointment for lead applicants, who hold either a renewable or term appointment, must cover the time frame associated with the proposed project.  Responsibility for finance and project completion must rest with this lead applicant.  At least one team member will identify as Black.  
  • Team members can include community members, sessional instructors, staff members, undergraduate or graduate students.

Application Procedure

Those interested in applying for Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grants should download and complete an application form, which will include:

  1. Description outlining the initiative for the Anti-Black Racism Teaching and Learning Grants which will include the rationale, plan description, intended outcomes, plan to assess the project, plan to sustain the project,  plan for dissemination/knowledge mobilization, timeline, and budget
  2. Description of the roles and relevant expertise, including commitment; experience with initiatives to address Anti-Black Racism, university teaching and educational leadership, and research expertise in this field

Applicants should attach a CV in the e-CV format for the lead applicant, as well as any relevant supporting documents, such as letters of support from partners, and up to one page of additional information about the project (optional).

Eligible Expenses

The purpose of these grants is to encourage and support rigorous, systematic, evidence-based studies of teaching and learning and facilitate disseminating results of that work to benefit others.

  • Travel for project purposes cannot normally exceed 10% of the total award. This does not apply to costs involved in bringing experts or community members to campus to work with a department. Please be aware that travel is currently restricted by COVID Health Guidelines.
  • Hospitality (e.g. working lunches) cannot exceed 10% of the award amount (no alcohol permitted) and must be consistent with COVID Health Guidelines. 
  • Successful proposals may fund up to $5,000 for a Teaching or Mentoring Grant or up to $10,000 for a team Curriculum Grant. Successful candidates will also have the opportunity to consult with an Educational Developer and IT Services support about their project. Awards are designed to be one-time seed money for projects.
  • Applicants will not receive on-going funding or repeated funding for one individual project.
  • The project completion timeline is 18-24 months for Teaching Grants and up to 36 months for Curriculum Grants.


Preference will be given to projects that: 

  • Offer a clear rationale
  • Demonstrate a clear and feasible plan and budget
  • Engage in substantial and respectful consultation and collaboration with members of Black community
  • Emphasize collaboration, relationship building and dialogue as part of the process 
  • Reflect an intentional emphasis on substantive change  
  • Demonstrate potential for sustainability and growth 
  • Foster inclusion 
  • Build on existing research and literature to support effective, innovative, and/or scalable practice on campus
  • Establish assessment procedures to evaluate the project 
  • Establish a plan for knowledge mobilization or dissemination
  • Involve opportunities for Black undergraduate and/or graduate students 

Review Committee

  • Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair (Chair)
  • Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Strategic Planning Officer, Anti-Black Racism Initiatives
  • Designated member of the Black community,
  • Representative of the Office of The Provost,
  • Representative Faculty Member
  • Representative Staff Representative
  • Representative Student Representative 

How to apply

Download an application

Submit your application by email to

Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 30, 2021