Why Automobility – CACyE


We live in a connected world. IoT (Internet of Things) & Industry 4.0 are common terms that tell us the future is connected. Every part of the supply chain, from processes to individual components within the vehicles we drive will take advantage of 5G and interconnected wireless networks to provide more and more data. This data will help us tell the story; How do we find efficiencies in manufacturing and maximize economic output? How do we improve traffic congestion while also keep pedestrians and cyclists safe on our roadways? How can we deliver better services to vulnerable populations during critical events? This can be answered by making intelligent decisions and crafting innovative solutions using Connected devices.


The future is not as far away as we think. In the 1960’s and 70’s people imagined flying cars and self-driving transports. These technologies exist today. Autonomous vehicles seem like just a matter of time, but their widespread adoption will not happen without solving critical technological, practical user and policy and governance challenges.


The previous two automobility pillars are moving at a very fast pace and the path to consumers can happen quickly. But if the public and private stakeholders cannot find alignment on Cybersecurity, then our collective progress will be mired in vulnerabilities and susceptible to major disruptions starting from the design of systems to vehicles driving through a traffic network. A wholistic and targeted approach to Cybersecurity is a critical function in automobility and can

Electric (And Alternative Energy Sources)

The electrification of our vehicles FEELS inevitable. Many governments around the world, including Canada, have set timelines for a full transition of all new consumer vehicles to be electric in the next 20 years. Canadian cities have started the transition of their transit and municipal fleets to electric vehicles and new transportation modes like eScooters and eBikes. This means new companies, new manufacturing opportunities and new technologies will need to create, scale, and sell their technologies and Windsor is well positioned to be a beacon of the electrification and alternative fuel movements.