Residence in the Winter `Quick Facts'

The information below will be relevant if you are a secondary student transitioning to University for the first time or you may have already been assigned a residence room for the winter semester.  The University of Windsor has moved to primarily on-line delivery of courses in Winter 2021.  If you choose to apply to residence and receive a room assignment, you will be entering a 4-month contract.

Website Disclaimer:  Due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, information stated herein is subject to change in response to a change in government regulation and/or Public Health guidelines​


  • Residence will be open for students who choose to live on campus in the winter semester 2021. Building options may change throughout the fall based on operational requirements.
  • Students who have received their room assignment for fall/winter 2020-2021, can still live on campus in the winter term. Based on occupancy, Residence Services reserves the right to change room assignments, if necessary.
  • If a building and/or room assignment is made, students will be notified individually.
  • No additional fees will be charged if students are required to move to a residence hall with a higher room rate.
  • Secondary students who apply to residence for the winter semester will be guarante a room in residence for the Winter 2021 term.
  • Any secondary student applying to residence and paying their deposit by the November 9, 2020, will be guaranteed a room in residence for the Winter 2021 academic term.
  • Residence applications received after November 9, 2020 will be assigned based on room availability.


  • Residence Services will be adapting spaces to ensure that living on campus will be a safe and a positive experience for students. 
  • Rooms will be assigned as single occupancy for the winter semester, with shared washrooms.
  • Additional cleaning will be done where communal washrooms are used and students living in suite style layouts, will be responsible for their own cleaning. 
  • Students living in a single room will be charged the single room rate. If students are assigned by themselves to a double room in Cartier Hall (for example) they will be charges a double room rate.


Room assignments will be sent out to the email address students provided on their residence application.


Cancelling before receiving the room assignment
Students who have applied to residence and paid their deposit, may cancel their residence application and receive a full refund, if they notify us at before they receive their room assignment.

Cancelling within 7-days of receiving the room assignment
Student who can request to cancel their application and deposit within 7-days after they receive the room assignment, whichever comes later, to receive a partial refund of their deposit and cancel their 4-month contract

Cancelling After 7-days of receiving the room assignment
Students who have  been notified of their room assignment by email, and it is past the 7-day cancellation period, they can complete a Cancellation Form, and they will remain in their residence contract unless they find a replacement suitable to Residence Services or are no longer a registered University of Windsor student.


A.  Any student requesting a cancellation of their residence application must complete the residence cancellation form Cancellation Form.

A.  If a student is entitled to a residence refund, it will be placed on the university account.  For questions regarding student financial accounts, contact Cashiers at