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Moving Out!

Message from the Residence Life team

Thank you for being a part of our residence community!  Now that you are leaving, we hope we can make your move out a smooth process!  If you are planning on moving out prior to the end of your contract, please review our Cancellation/Withdrawal information and contact if you have any questions/concerns. 

Checking Out!


When checking out,

  • You must use an EXPRESS CHECK OUT ENVELOPE for your keys when you are leaving residence. 
  • These envelopes can be found by in the lobby of Alumni Hall in the black mailbox by the student mailboxes.
  • Fill out the information on the envelope, place your keys inside, seal the envelope
  •  Drop the envelope in the outgoing mail slot below the black mailbox
  • Charges will be posted on your Uwinsite Student account if keys are not returned upon departure.
  • You are permitted to have one person come into residence to assist you with your move out.
  • They must complete the Ontario COVID self-assessment found here at the day they will be in residence and they must keep a mask on at all times while in the residence building.
  • If you have a roommate please ensure your roommate is aware of when the person will be in your room.
  • Empty the garbage and recycling
  • Empty and clear your refrigerator, DO NOT UNPLUG!
  • Remove tape from ceiling walls and doors
  • Return furniture to original position
  • If your bed has a mattress cover, remove it from your bed, and put it in a plastic bag