President's Message - November 2021


After two years, the WURA Executive is organizing a Fall AGM to meet with our WURA members online. Since Dr. Gordon is available to present a greeting at noon that day, December 1st, we are asking everyone who was invited in the past, to prepare their Reports to be circulated beforehand. To keep the session moving along during the meeting, the preparers would only need to answer questions. Since we are meeting at 12 noon and WURA members love the holiday luncheon, we decided to try to combine the two events, keeping the mood informal as well. Have your sandwich or coffee available at home. Hopefully, many of our WURA members will be able to join us on Zoom that day!

The Report from the Nominating Committee with the Slate of WURA Officers for the WURA Executive and Committees in 2022 should be sent out shortly to the WURA membership, to be voted on in an online election similar to last year. Thank you to the WURA members for responding to our requests from the WURA Nominating Committee.

The new Communications Committee with its Editorial Board, produced the first WURA e-Bulletin online newsletter in October, 2021. The second issue will be sent out in November. Time sensitive information will continue to be sent out as required. The suggested timing for the WURA e-Bulletin: two each for the Fall and Winter semesters, and one in the Summer. 

The Financial Report for the last two years was presented by Norm King to the WURA Executive, before being presented at the upcoming AGM. WURA normally spends approximately $6,000 per year. We currently have more than $8,000 in our account. Norm indicated that more than $1,800 was contributed to the WURA Bursary Fund during this time ($50 from each member who dies - we lost 17 members, for retiring members from the Executive, and additional contributions). The Executive also decided to make a one-time additional donation of $1,000 to the WURA Bursary Fund.

Our WURA rep on the WUFA Contract Committee has been meeting with the WURA Executive at our monthly meetings, keeping us up to date. Please see the accompanying article on how the University/WUFA negotiations may affect retirees.

The WURA Social Committee has been meeting with WURA members monthly this Fall at various Social Events. Please review the Social Committee Report to see what has been happening. The Social Committee welcomes your suggestions for future events. We have received very good feedback from members attending these social sessions, as they have been able to pass their time during the pandemic, and see other members online.

Happy Holidays to you and your families! Stay safe!

Roger Lauzon
President, WURA