WURA Response To Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Posted on April 9, 2020

Continued Communications to WURA Membership During COVID-19

Hi WURA members….

Jake Soderlund and I have exchanged e-mails on the question of further communications to WURA members and agree that contact needs to be maintained at this critical time. We have reached out to WURA Executive members, asking for their input as well.
We all agree that during this time of isolation, one of the most important things is to communicate with other people by phone, e-mail, text, facetime, etc. The Exec Committee suggests calling or e-mailing a different friend/or past colleague every day, just to keep in touch. If you know of someone who lives alone, that is even more important.

Regarding preserving our mental health, we suggest the availability of free online courses offered by U.S. Ivy League universities <just Google them> as a way of spending isolation time productively, as well as Great Courses and LinkedIn Learning (from the Windsor Public Library). But it could also include free online events like Symphony concerts (Toronto, NYC, Europe, etc.), Art Gallery Exhibitions (around the world), Recorded Ballets and Plays, available e-books, Documentaries (NFB), and others.

A reminder to daily follow the health guidelines re: hand washing (soap and hot water), proper nutrition, enough rest, and walking or other light exercise. We must continue social physical distancing of 2 metres and try not to go out, if possible. If you must go out, knowledgeable medical authorities now recommend wearing a cloth face covering, especially if you need to buy groceries, where maintaining a 2 metre distance from others may be difficult. This is all very difficult to maintain on a daily basis.

It is best not to watch endless TV reports on the virus, only brief updates. Listening to music, watching good movies or plays on streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, YouTube, etc. or regular TV, as well as reading, can also be good. As one person said to me, it may be the first time that many of us will actually experience a small taste of retirement!

In the University’s Daily News on Tuesday, March 31st, they refer to a <Wellbeing Portal> on the University’s website at: http://www.uwindsor.ca/coronavirus/wellbeing-portal. There is excellent information there for you to review, which we do not have to duplicate.

I have asked President Gordon, if he would like to address the WURA members at this time. He has graciously agreed and sent the following e-mail, “Supporting UWindsor Students”. Since the COVID-19 situation on campus has created tremendous financial hardships for our students, the University has created a new “Student Relief Fund”. WURA will be making a $500.00 contribution to this fund. Hopefully, as well, many WURA members will be able to support that fund. I have also asked our WURA Scholarship Committee to possibly look at our awards this year to be WURA Bursary/Scholarship Awards, to assist our students with financial difficulties.

It looks as if preventive measures are going to be needed well into the summer. If we become aware of developments that specifically impact WURA members, we will pass them to you, as well as future e-mails. For now, stay safe, follow guidelines as posted by various levels of government and stay connected. If you need any assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Roger Lauzon
President, WURA

From: University of Windsor Office of the President <ffalkner@uwindsor.ccsend.com> on behalf of University of Windsor Office of the President <alumni@uwindsor.ca>
Sent: April 7, 2020 11:06 AM
To: Roger Lauzon <rlauzon@uwindsor.ca>
Subject: Supporting UWindsor students

Dear Roger,
Over the past few weeks we have seen our University of Windsor community come together to support one another during the COVID-19 crisis.
We know this is an uncertain time for many including our entire UWindsor family--especially our students.
Many of our students are and will continue to face enormous financial challenges for the foreseeable future as a result of the pandemic. They are now dealing with the uncertainty of summer employment and internships, a reduction or loss of part-time work and many are experiencing financial hardships as family members also deal with job loss.
To support students during this time, we have created a Student Relief Fund. This fund will support University of Windsor students experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.
You can support our students by making a donation to this fund. Your gift will support their immediate needs during this very challenging time.
We recognize many students are experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic. To address some of these concerns, we have also established a Wellbeing Portal that offers resources to all of our students regarding mental health and wellness.
We also encourage students and the community to visit our COVID-19 web site where we post important information, news and video resources such as regular Question and Answer videos with our campus physician, Dr. Matt Scholl.
Thank you for your continued support of the University of Windsor. I wish you and your loved ones wellness and good health during this difficult time.
We are all in this together and we are all Windsor Proud.
Rob Gordon
President & Vice-Chancellor
University of Windsor

Posted on March 19, 2020

Hi WURA members....

Based on a few replies that I received from some WURA members yesterday, if WURA members are comfortable shopping "online", there are some grocery stores (e.g. Zehr's, others?) who will home deliver.  You order what you need "online", pay for it by credit card, and advise them of your address and a preferred delivery time.  An order was delivered within 2 hours and placed on the front porch. The delivery person rang the door bell and drove away.  It cost an extra $10 ($5 for delivery and $5 for a tip).  It was also indicated that drug stores (Shopper's, others?) have a similar service.  So, if you are comfortable shopping "online", this is another, safer option.  In this way, our WURA "shoppers/volunteers" are not exposing themselves and practicing safe distancing. 

To access online shopping at Zehrs, the easiest way is to Google <zehrs click and collect> and for Shoppers to Google <shoppers drug mart click and collect>    

If WURA members are NOT comfortable Shopping "online", our WURA "shoppers/volunteers" will try to shop online for them first.  If not, the volunteers should leave groceries 'at the door' of homes to which they are delivering.  Volunteers are not immune to serious underlying health conditions or the coronavirus.  It is important for everyone to practice physical distancing (even when volunteering) to protect each other.  

As a reminder, it would be good to call people, who you know are living alone, as they would be most vulnerable.     

Best wishes.  Stay Healthy!




Roger Lauzon

President, WURA   



Posted on March 18, 2020

Hi WURA Members....

This is just an electronic update to our WURA members, during this Coronavirus issue time.  

We want to let you know that we are thinking about you, our WURA members, at this time.  No one will be forgotten.  We, the senior citizens, are told that we are the most vulnerable for the Corona virus, especially if we have other underlying health issues (which most of us have at our age).   We are asked to do social distancing (no hugs or kisses ... especially difficult with our grandchildren), and only to go out for urgent needs, like groceries or to the pharmacy. 

A reminder to follow the health guidelines re: hand washing (soap and hot water), proper nutrition every day, enough rest, and for the moment, outdoor exercise, if possible to get fresh air.  If you need any assistance, please let us know.

All WURA meetings and activities for the time being are on hold.  Our WURA Executive Committee meeting planned for next week has been cancelled.  The WURA Spring General Meeting, normally in April, will have to be postponed to May, at the earliest.  We will let you know the date of the meeting, as soon as we know and the Corona virus issue passes.

If you know of family, friends or other WURA members who cannot get out to get groceries or other needs at this time, please try to lend a hand, if you can.  Or at least, try to call them to check on them.  It is important to stay in contact with others today, if not only by phone or e-mail (since visiting is somewhat restricted).

If you have trouble getting out to get groceries or know someone who cannot get out, Carol Reader has approached me about offering to pick up groceries for WURA members and others, who cannot do it .  Many people on campus know Carol Reader.  Her husband, Graham, was Dean of Engineering for many years.  Walter(Jake) Soderlund, WURA's Vice-President, has also offered to assist her in getting groceries for WURA members. The two co-chairs of WURA's Social Committee, Jonathan Bayley and Richard Lewis, are also willing to help deliver groceries. Carol's, Jake's, Jonathan's and Richard's phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed below.  Perhaps, other WURA members are also willing to assist in getting groceries for WURA members, who cannot.  Please let me know, if you are also interested in doing this.  Thank you Carol, Jake, Jonathan and Richard, and anyone else who volunteers to help out.

Please, if you need help getting your groceries or other needs, PLEASE use this new WURA service.   We are thinking about you at this time.  Please let us help you, if you need any help getting groceries.  If you need any assistance during this time, please let us know.  Thanks.


Carol Reader

(519) 739-6238

Tecumseh Lakeshore area

Walter (Jake) Soderlund

(519) 734-6532


Richard Lewis


(519) 962-1078

South Windsor

Jonathan Bayley


(519) 990-1758

Downtown Windsor


Roger Lauzon

President, WURA


(519) 969-2799