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Zone & Flow analysis to ensure safe movement on campus

The University of Windsor's Colin McLellan, Director, Capital Projects, Planning, Renovations and Construction, displays directional signs to be used on campus as part of the zone and flow measures.Colin McLellan, Acting Director, Planning, Renovation and Construction and John Regier, Acting Director, Facility of Operations are working on the Zone and Flow analysis of all campus buildings and spaces to ensure a safe return to campus. The process will inform their teams on where to install signage and one-way floor decals.

If you’ve recently been to a local grocery store, you are well aware of social distancing signage, traffic guidelines and the requirement to wear a face covering.

The same process is happening at the University of Windsor campus.

Every space on campus is being scrutinized to guarantee faculty, staff and students returning can move freely while maintaining safe physical distancing.

Through a Zone and Flow analysis, the Health & Safety department along with Facility Services, will be able to determine safe traffic flows and occupancy rates in accordance with Public Health guidelines.

The analysis will ensure people can move at safe distances through shared spaces such as hallways and stairwells to reach their intended destination.

The impact may mean that desks, lab benches, cubicles and other workstation are moved at least two metres apart. Possible barriers will be installed at customer service counters and other front-line areas where physical distancing can’t be maintained.

Among other changes, paper towels will replace hand dryers in washrooms. Elevators will have new maximum capacities and floor markings will indicate where occupants should stand inside while waiting for an elevator.

The review and changes are already in place in laboratories where critical research has resumed.

While fall classes will be delivered online, the review is on-going to ensure a safe return to campus.