COVID-19 screening tool to be launched through Safe Lancer app

A hand holds a phone displaying the Safe Lancer app

UWindsor has armed itself with a new tool for individuals to perform a self-check for COVID-19 symptoms before attending campus. And you’re likely already holding it in the palm of your hand.

Using the existing Safe Lancer app, a new feature will be added at the end of this month that will allow students, faculty and staff to complete a digital coronavirus self-assessment questionnaire.

“This screening tool will play an important role in maintaining a safe and healthy campus,” said Lisa Kiritsis, Chair of the Safety and Support Return to Campus Working Group and Occupational Health and Safety Manager. 

“As part of the existing Safe Lancer App, it creates a quick and convenient way to conduct a self-assessment of COVID 19 symptoms and potential exposures. The tool is very easy to use and takes only minutes to complete.” 

The self-assessment will consist of a few short “Yes” or “No” questions , modelled from the on-line self-assessment used by Ontario Public Health.

The app will not ask for vital signs  and will not share personal data.

The completion of the questionnaire helps assess the health of individuals prior to going campus each day. 

Alternative paper screening questionnaires will also be made available for those who do not have a mobile device. 

If you already have Safe Lancer on your mobile device, remember to update it at the end of the month when the new feature will be added. New users can download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store which will give them access to the Safe Lancer’s other great features.

These include, but are not limited to, one-touch access to Campus Community Police and Windsor Police Service, access to all campus emergency plans and procedures, crime reports and access to on and off-campus support services.

For more information about UWindsor’s efforts towards a safe return to campus click here.