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Residence living to adapt for fall semester

Every precaution is being taken to ensure students moving into residence this fall remain happy and healthy.Every precaution is being taken to ensure students moving into residence this fall remain happy and healthy.

From the coronavirus to Tiger King, 2020 has been anything but conventional.

University of Windsor support staff are doing everything they can to make sure students living in residence this year will have the best experience possible under this “new normal.”

“We are going to have more events and activities for our students than in past years because we recognize they may be feeling isolated,” Zoe Neale said, residence life coordinator.

“We are training our residence assistants (RA)in ways to build community online.”

While the academic fall 2020 term is online, about 200 students will be moving into residence at the University of Windsor in September. Each student will be provided with two non-medical reusable cloth face masks and live in Alumni Hall.

They will have their own room and a shared bathroom, limited to only one other person.

Alumni Hall’s on-site eatery, The Bru, will be expanded to include more variety of hot meal option for students. The culinary team is also in the process of designing new menus so when people are back on campus, individually pre-packaged meals will be a healthy and convenient option.

Alumni Hall underwent a zone and flow analysis, resulting in designated direction of travel in hallways and stairwells as well as limited occupancy in elevators and common areas. There will also be increased sanitation in common areas.

Specially trained RAs and community assistants will support students while maintaining appropriate distance, Neale said.

“We are encouraging more intentional conversations with students in residence because there will be less in-person interaction on campus this fall,” Neale said.

Neale said planning is already underway to make the move-in experience as enjoyable as years past. Students are assigned a time slot and will be allowed to have two people assisting them.

“Living in residence will still be exciting and fun,” Neale said. “There will be more events and activities hosted online where we can continue to engage with our students.” 

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