Important Information about Planning for Fall Return

From the Office of the President: March 19, 2021

Dear UWindsor Campus Community,
Just over a year ago, we were faced with the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic and we had to quickly move into action and adjust our activities to address the needs of students, faculty and staff. I commend all of you for your dedication over the past year, as we have been able to successfully transition in the face of these challenging circumstances.
I especially want to recognize the efforts and contributions of over 55 dedicated staff and faculty members, 10 working group chairs and the coordination of their collective work by our colleague Jennie Atkins, and of the Pandemic Planning Committee, chaired by Sherri-Lynne Menard, who have collectively ensured the continuity of safe and successful research, work, and learning this past year. Their work has also allowed the University to be well poised for the coming weeks and months ahead as we look to Fall 2021. I would like to take a moment to thank all those individuals for their tireless contributions over the last year and their ongoing efforts.  Their important work has laid the foundation for us as we now turn our focus specifically to academic planning for Fall 2021.

This next phase of our planning will require us to streamline our actions and implementation while at the same time ensuring that as a campus community, we can remain responsive to the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19.

With the goal of maximizing opportunities for students to have on-campus experiences in the fall, and with a continued focus on health and safety, I am pleased to announce the formation of the Action Group on Fall Return and the associated Implementation and Advisory Teams that will carry out this critical work.
Set by the direction of the Executive Leadership Team, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and the Deans’ and Provost’s Councils, the Action Group on Fall Return will work together, and lead Implementation teams to make sure our plans are fully operationalized. The Action Group will also rely on the advice of institutional experts and advisory teams to ensure strong flow of information to and from campus stakeholders and coordinated return-to-campus efforts. Given how much things have changed over the course of the past twelve months, we know we will have to remain flexible and responsive as the situation evolves.

I have outlined the Action Group membership and chairs of current Implementation Teams and Advisories below. In the coming days, the Action Group will be formalizing their structure and will be reaching out to individuals to support these very important activities. The Action Group will be taking up their responsibilities effective immediately. Dr. Chris Houser, Dean, Faculty of Science will be leading us through this next planning, action and implementation phase.

Action Group on Fall Return
Dr. Chris Houser, Dean, Faculty of Science (Chair)
Daniella Beaulieu, Executive Director, Academic Initiatives (Academic Planning)
Jennie Atkins, Executive Director, Continuing Education (Campus Spaces)
Sherri Lynne Menard, Environmental Health & Safety Manager (Health & Safety)
Marcela Ciampa, Director, Organizational Development & Training (Human Resources)
Renée Trombley, Executive Director, Public Affairs & Communications (Communications)
Phebe Lam, Acting Associate Vice President, Student Experience (Student Experience)
Kaye Johnson, Executive Director, Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
Anna Kirby, Associate Vice President, Operations (Finance & Operations)
Heather Pratt, Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services (Research & Innovation)
Dr. Debbie Sheppard-Lemoine, Dean, Faculty of Nursing (Decanal Liaison)
Dr. Anna Lanoszka, Faculty, Department of Political Science (Faculty Association Liaison)
Student Representative
Implementation Teams (Further implementation teams may be formulated as planning evolves.)
Campus Spaces Team (Jennie Atkins, Chair)
Communications Team (Renée Trombley, Chair)
Ancillary and Campus Services Team (Anna Kirby, Chair)
Safe Return Planning & Support Team (Lisa Kiritsis, Chair)

Employee Experience (Marcela Ciampa, Chair)
Teaching, Learning & Student Experience (Daniella Beaulieu, Chair)
Research & Innovation (Heather Pratt, Chair)
Pandemic Planning (Sherri Lynne Menard)
Joint Health and Safety Committees (Laurie Freeman, James McGinlay, Trevor Pittman, and Lisa Kiritsis, Co-Chairs)

See below for a graphic overview of the Fall Return Action Group structures.
The Action Group will continue to pursue an active communications strategy to ensure campus awareness and safety, and will be providing updates throughout the planning process and as key developments occur.  We will continue to rely on the knowledge and leadership of those who have been involved in this process since the beginning, albeit in different organizational structures.
We still have many unknowns ahead of us as we navigate these extraordinary circumstances, but I am confident that this new structure will help us to plan for not only the potential of fall on-campus activities, but also to help us return to the spirit of the university and our campus community.
Thank you,

Robert Gordon, PhD
President & Vice-Chancellor
University of Windsor


Action Group on Fall Return graphic