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Return to Campus Framework

Return to Campus Framework

The University of Windsor is currently in Phase 2 of its return to campus framework. Phase 2 includes essential and critical research.

The University of Windsor’s Return to Campus Framework is a living document to inform the UWindsor community on the latest updates for a careful and thoughtful phased re-opening of in-person campus activities. It will be regularly updated as new information is confirmed.

While it is our goal to bring our community back together to work, collaborate, socialize and learn on campus once again, the University of Windsor will do so only when it is safe and with great caution. The health and safety of all UWindsor staff, faculty and students is always the top priority.

The four institutional phases of the UWindsor Return to Campus Framework are outlined below. The CURRENT PHASE is highlighted in yellow.

Please note: A Resumption of Research Framework has been developed in conjunction with the University of Windsor's institutional Return to Campus Framework. The Research Phased-In timelines may advance prior to the resumption of other campus activities.

The progression of each phase is informed by public health guidelines and directives for our region and specifically for post-secondary institutions, and is subject to change at any time.

Updated March 1, 2021

Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020 the University of Windsor transitioned to an essential services only model, asking employees who were able to work remotely from home to do so.

and Services
  • Provincial directive to close all schools, places of worship and businesses in Windsor-Essex
  • Regional surge in COVID- 19 Cases associated to long-term care facilities
  • Windsor-Essex agri-sector and proximity to the U.S. border raise further concerns
  • Campus operating within Essential Services Model
  • 95 per cent of staff working remotely
  • Transition to remote/online programming and services
  • Events cancelled or moved to on-line format
  • Food services accommodating students in Residence
  • Varsity sports cancelled
  • Essential Workers continue to work on campus
Research Teaching and
  • Only essential research activities undertaken to ensure safety and protection of research infrastructure
  • On-going regular care, feeding, conditioning or inspections of cells, animals, breeding colonies, or tissues
  • Inspection and maintenance of sensitive equipment to ensure the continuity of a research program
  • For the Resumption of Research Framework, click here
  • Transitioning all programs to alternative remote options for remainder of Winter 2020 term
  • Supporting Faculty with on-line features
  • Supporting Students with options for final evaluations
  • Fall 2020 Term migrates to online model

Effective: March 18, 2020

As of August 25, 2020, the University of Windsor is currently operating an essential services only model and approved resumption of critical research projects in this phase.

Effective February 16, 2021, in response to the reinstatement of the provincial COVID-19: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework, the University has returned to Phase 2.

and Services
  • Effective February 16, 2021, Windsor-Essex will return to the Red – Control level of the Province of Ontario's Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. For latest updates, visit the Windsor Essex County Health Unit website for local pandemic status information. (Please note: UWindsor institutional protocols may vary. Details in subheadings below.) The Red-Control level stipulates the folllowing:
    1. Zero tolerance on all COVID-19 prevention measures.
    2. Gathering limits for social gatherings and organized public events: 5 person limit for indoor, 25 person limit for outdoor if physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Face coverings are required in all public indoor spaces with limited exemptions.
  • Testing at Windsor Regional Hospital COVID-19 Assessment Centre(s) available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment online, click here or call (519) 973-4443.
  • Food Services scheduling to be maintained until the end of the term.
  • Leddy Library curbside pick-up options remain available.
  • Study space currently not available.
  • Campus Bookstore curbside pick-up, refunds and buyback remain available (by appointment preferred). Online ordering available 24/7.
  • CAW Student Centre is open with health screening at main entrance.
  • Study space in Alumni Auditorium currently not available.
  • Chemical Control Centre is open five days a week.
  • Reduction in personnel approved to be on campus associated to Research. (Previous stage allowed for less than 20 percent.)
  • Robust safety plan for student residence in Alumni Hall
  • Staff who can work remotely must do so.
  • Enhanced cleaning of all areas on campus. Focus on approved labs and periodical visitors to campus
  • Signage and traffic flow guidelines installed
  • Sanitizer and cleaning products procured
  • Zone & Flow Analysis of all buildings required to identify traffic patterns and occupancy rates
  • PPE, hospital-grade cleaning products and disinfectants procured
  • Distribution of Wellness Kits to Staff/Faculty/Students on campus
  • Limited Food Services open in support of Student Residence
  • The UWinCARD office will be closed and anyone needing a card or card related services will be handle by appointment.
  • Parking services will be closed.
  • Printshop offering essential services only.
  • Custodial Services will continue with their duties.
  • Maintenance Services will be doing critical work orders only.
  • ECC will continue with their duties.
  • Counselling Services will continue to offer virtual support through MySSP 24/7, regardless of geographic location.
  • Health Services operating exclusively through telemedicine unless there is an exceptional circumstance (doctor’s discretion).
  • On-line Wellness Services 
  • Available and Remote Services
Research Teaching and
  • Approved research has resumed.
  • Research Safety Committee to resume review of new proposals.
  • Restricted to approved Critical Research
  • Researchers to reduce personnel and the number of hours spent on campus, as much as possible
  • Limiting after-hours research as much as possible
  • Until further notice, there will be no new training of personnel for research purposes
  • No new projects to be approved unless COVID-19 related
  • Majority working remotely aside from those involved in approved Research areas
  • All in-person, face-to-face research with human participation (as research subjects) will be suspended;
  • Graduate students associated to approved research are permitted to resume participation in research
  • For the Resumption of Research Framework, click here
  • Continued support of faculty for on-line delivery in Winter 2021
  • Winter 2021 on-line delivery (announced on Sept. 17, 2020)
  • Only Clinical Courses in Nursing permitted for F2F Learning

Updated: February 24, 2021

and Services
  • Province continues to lift restrictions for commercial businesses and public gatherings
  • Continued practice of physical distancing, handwashing to limit health risks
  • Gradually building towards 30 to 50 per cent of staff
  • System for screening and monitoring staff in place
  • PPE and other safety supplies are made available
  • Limited Residence open for Fall
  • Food Services implementing measures to serve Residence
  • Curb-side pick-up for Bookstore
  • Curb-side pick-up for Leddy Library
  • Athletics building framework for access
  • Planning for Varsity sports/training
  • Cleaning all areas on campus
  • Staff who can work remotely, continue to do so
Research Teaching and
  • Research requiring immediate field or lab-based research for research deemed to be time-sensitive and required to minimize negative impacts to resume based on approvals
  • Gradual increases in occupancy based on Zone & Flow analysis
  • Building upon Research Framework to reach 100 per cent capacity in labs
  • For the Resumption of Research Framework, click here
  • Continued support of faculty for on-line delivery of their courses in Fall 2020
  • Continued support for the limited approved in-person courses in Fall 2020
  • Exploring options for program delivery in 2021

Date: TBD

and Services
  • Further relaxing of restrictions on public gatherings, opening all workplaces and educational institutions responsibly
  • COVID-19 vaccine widely available
  • Timely and available widespread testing
  • Full lifting of international travel restrictions
  • Gradually building towards 50 to 100 per cent of staff
  • Resume staff complement as approved considering remote/rotating work schedules
  • Resume access to offices and campus activities, where necessary
  • Resume activities, student services and support on campus
  • Resume recreational programs and a plan for varsity sports
  • Maintain new protocols and processes related to COVID-19
  • Maintain increased cleaning schedules and stocking products
  • Large gatherings and events scheduled according to Public Health guidelines
Research Teaching and
  • Research resumes to normal activities
  • All research facilities and labs have re-opened
  • All research conducted with (in-person) human participants (and not previously deemed as critical or time-sensitive) is able to resume
  • For the Resumption of Research Framework, click here
  • Exploring options for program delivery in 2021

Date: TBD