Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Completion of the self-assessment questionnaire is now optional, however all visitors to campus must review the screening questions posted at building main entrances prior to entering campus buildings. 


Download the Safe Lancer App from the Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).
Download the Safe Lancer app on the Google Play StoreDownload the Safe Lancer app on the Apple App Store

To ensure the Safe Lancer App is updated to the latest version, open the app and tap the University of Windsor Safe Lancer App banner. To manually update, select About/Preferences and then, Data Update. Finally, click the Check for Updates button.

Step 1: On app main page click the “COVID-19 Updates & Self-Assessment”  
Step 2: Click “Self-Assessment Tool” 
Step 3: Click “Start Self-Assessment”. Read the questions carefully and answer “Yes” or “No” and click “Continue”.
Step 4: Confirm answers and submit. 
Step 5: Scan your Approved (green) QR Code (badge) when entering campus buildings and designated spaces.
Please note that personal information is private and will not be shared. 


Approved or Denied? 

Your Self-Assessment will provide either an Approved or Denied result

Approved = PROCEED to campus DENIED = DO NOT PROCEED to campus
You may proceed to campus You should stay home and self-isolate and complete the Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment and follow the directions provided.

Report the reason for your denied badge by emailing the following address:, which will provide you with self-isolation instructions and information regarding your return to campus; and, follow the directions regarding return to campus as outlined in the instruction email, including notifications to others, as appropriate.