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Tools have been created to assist with the development of Return to Campus plans, including the Health and Safety Checklist for Return to Campus PlansCOVID-19 Safe Operating Procedure Template and What Supervisors Need to Do Reference Sheet. Each plan will be submitted to the appropriate Vice-President for approval. Return to Campus plans must be frequently reviewed and updated as required, to reflect any changes to health and safety procedures, control measures, or recommendations adopted.

Prior to the resumption of activities, the Dean/AVP/Executive Director or designate/delegate (Supervisor as defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act) will be responsible for assessing potential COVID-19 hazards in the workplace, in consultation with Health and Safety, and implementing control measures to eliminate or reduce the identified risks.  A reference checklist is available to assist with the identification and assessment of potential COVID-19 hazards within a specific work area, and the control measures required to reduce those hazards following the Hierarchy of Controls model (COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Control Measures).

Once potential hazards and control measures have been assessed, Supervisors are responsible for developing a Return to Campus plan for their unit, in consultation with Health and Safety.  The plan will follow the health and safety guidelines in this document and the phased return to the workplace as outlined in the Return to Campus Framework.


Health and Safety Guidelines for Return to Campus


RTC Plan Health & Safety Checklist


RTC Plan Compliance/Inspection Checklist


Safe Operating Procedure Template


What Supervisors Need to Do Reference Sheet


What Employees Need to Do Reference Sheet


COVID 19: Hazard Assessment


Cleaning Protocol for Laboratories


COVID-19: Supervisor’s Guide to Reporting Employee Illness, Infection and Testing and Employee Privacy


COVID-19: Employee Guide to Reporting Illness, Infection and Testing and Employee Privacy


COVID 19: Safety Plan Approval Process


COVID 19: Self Assessment Questionnaire or Safe Lancer App


Guidelines for the shared use of printers, photocopiers and fax machines


Guidelines for the shared use of vehicles and mobile equipment


Guidelines for retrieval or return of items on campus


Curbside Pickup, Event & Activity Forms, Checklists and Procedures


Personal Record Form


RTC PPE Order Form