UWindsor Together: Student Mental Health and Remote Learning Services
Health and Safety

Communication, Training and Resources

The University has established a variety of information resources regarding COVID-19:

Return to Campus training and information sessions are mandatory for all staff and faculty, and students returning to campus in the fall.  These presentations can be accessed by visiting  www.uwindsor.ca/returntocampus/340/information-sessions

In addition to the above, employees will be provided with Faculty or department-specific information, training, and opportunities to bring forward concerns and issues of non-compliance to COVID-related protocols or measures to their Supervisor (e.g. scheduled safety talks, meetings, etc.).

Supervisors must ensure that external visitors, parties or contractors directly engaged by their unit are aware of the University‚Äôs guidelines, and their requirement to comply with their sector-specific COVID-19 procedures upon the resumption of activities. Contractors working on campus construction projects will follow the procedure outlined in the Facility Services online form, Facility Planning, Renovation and Construction.