Return to Campus Action Group


Set by the direction of the Executive Leadership Team, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and the Deans’ and Provost’s Councils, the Return to Campus Action Group will work together, and lead Implementation teams to make sure our plans are fully operationalized. The Action Group will also rely on the advice of institutional experts and advisory teams to ensure strong flow of information to and from campus stakeholders and coordinated return-to-campus efforts.

Executive Leadership Team

  • Sets key priorities
  • Approves scenario planning and preliminary budget
  • Oversees  milestone achievement and contest-specific budget allocations
  • Informs decision-making around emerging challenges 
  • Continues to develop long-term post-pandemic strategy  

Deans’ Council and Provost’s Council

  • faculty-specific curriculum and program planning
  • co-curricular and student services planning
  • liaise with action group assist in coordinated planning, prioritization, and infrastructure planning

Return to Campus Action Group

  • enact, and coordinate integrated planning for a return to campus;
  • key focus on requirements for student return;
  • members of the action group function as liaisons with their own VPs and unit

Institutional Experts 
Brought into planning or decision making as necessary; oversee mandates necessary to operationalizing planning; liaise with Action Group and with their own units

COVID-19 Expert Panel 
Provides expert advice on health and health-related guidelines; proactively alerts Action Group to new salient COVID-19 information and guideline changes.

Roles of the Implementation Teams
(Campus Spaces / Communciations / Ancillary and Campus Services / Unit Support)

  • Chaired by Action Group members
  • Operationalize action-group identified  cross-functional mandates with normal  VP oversight
  • Inform planning or decision making as necessary

Roles of the Advisories
(Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience / Employee Experience / Research and Innovation / Pandemic Planning Committee / Joint Health and Safety Committee)

  • Information sources and sounding boards for action group planning and decision making
  • Ensure campus stakeholder voices and concerns are addressed and incorporated
  • May form subgroups to work on specific issues

Return to Campus Action Group Teams